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An apprentice magician performs the "Levitating Magician" at "Magic Tricks and Secrets Live"



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The Six Pile Card Trick

Is it mind control or coincidence? 


Seriously, this is a self-working card trick you'll use.  Watch the video, then get a pack of cards and try it out! 

This is also an important time to review a couple of the Rules of Magic. 

1)  Keep the Secret to Yourself.  Even though your friends will say, "Tell me how you do it!", remember that magicians don't reveal their secrets.  It actually ruins the fun of it for your audience, and it's one more trick that other people can't perform for that person. 

2)  Only do a trick once for the same audience.  Think about it:  what would happen if you tried this same trick for the same people?   

Linking Paper Clips

The Linking Paper Clips are a fantastic impromptu stunt.  Learn this and you'll be ready to amaze and amuse nearly anytime. 



Jeff "stringing them along" at a festival.




Jeff and a volunteer at "Aberdeen Splash!"