“You had a pretty tough crowd to please (40 – 18 year olds) but your really won them over.  The comments from the Seniors were anywhere from, 'How did he do that?' to, 'It was amazing!'  The adult chaperones enjoyed the program as well.  They were amazed that you kept the Seniors spellbound the entire hour!"
-Cyndi Peterson, Winlock High School

Hypnosis?  Nope, but these grads are about to experience something very freaky that happens in their own hands...

Guarantee yourself an unforgettable
Senior Class Party with magician Jeff Evans.”

Magic that happens in your own hands is always the best.  Magician Jeff Evans specializes in this kind of close-up entertainment.

Proven Entertainment

Performing magic is my job, and feedback from audiences is very important to us.  Here are a few comments from recent performances.                          

“Even a week later, I am receiving calls from parents telling me that their Senior had a great time at Senior Safe Night but the highlight was the ‘Magician.’” 
-Cyndi Peterson, parent
     Winlock High School

“You were awesome!… The students loved you!  I am going to pass your name on to next year's committee.  I have a sophomore and a freshman, so I will definitely see you again in 2006 & 2007.” 
-Deb Yearsley, secretary
     Lakes High School

“Jeff Evans performs his magic show as a fundraiser for our school’s Grad Nite event.  It raised more money than any of the activities we put on throughout the year.  Everyone at our school is still talking about Jeff Evans.  We can’t wait to find a reason to have another Magic Night!!
     -Michelle Corley
     Klawhowya Grad Nite 2008

“A junior high audience can be very challenging.  You had complete control of them throughout your performance, keeping them on the edge of their seats with curiosity and interest.  What a wonderful show!  Again, thank you Jeff.  You were a perfect fit for our school.” 
-John Bustad, principal
     Stahl Junior High


“The feedback we’ve received about your strolling magic has been overwhelmingly positive, and added that extra touch to ensure that everyone would have a good time… In no small part because of your participation, we had a number of guests ask us to turn our Anniversary Party into an annual event.” 
-Christopher Colón, CEO
     GoTech, Inc.


“We had News Reporters totally amazed (and they tend to be tough critics), YES - ooing and ahhing as he performed magic right before their eyes.  He involved the crowd throughout his performance, never ceasing to amaze each and every one in the group.” 

-Tessa Bailey, South County Journal


“It was entertaining, interactive, fun and truly amazing.  It’s hard to believe you did what we saw you do.. you can tell we loved your performance by the standing ovation.  I highly recommend you.  You are fantastic.” 
-Wendy Wilson
     Prudential Cornerstone Realtors


Is it magic, or is it comedy?  Yes.

Consider again all that you receive from Jeff Evans' show.

  • Personality that connects with your grads
  • Your choice of strolling or stand-up magic, or a price-saving combination
  • A performance that is audience tested and honed to perfection in front of thousands of people each week, in over 250 shows each year
  • Interactive magic that receives rave reviews from clients throughout Washington
  • Incredible 100% on-time reliability record
  • Dependability you would expect from a person companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and Pepsi Cola trust with their repeat business. 

Jeff prepares to escape from ropes, chains, and the "Party Popper Vest of Death."  Centralia High School Class of 2009.


Dear Grad Night Planner,

I’d like to help you plan a Graduation Party that makes their last night together extra special.  And, you’ll feel great when your grads thank you for planning such a fun celebration!

Listen to reviews from Centralia High School and Hoquiam High School parents. 

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You Take the Credit 

Entertainment is a small bit of your concerns when planning an event like this.  That’s why I want to make it as easy as possible for you to become a hero to your grads.  You never need to worry about having the right equipment, because I provide everything but the audience.  Strolling magic can happen in nearly any environment, even with other activities going on.  All I really need is a group of grads who want to have fun! 

   Students crowd the table at this campus activity.


A few of my repeat clients include Boeing, Microsoft, Pepsi Cola, R.E.I., Oh Boy, Oberto, and Lucky Eagle Casino.  Like you, they want a professional with over a decade of experience making events fun and unforgettable.  


Count on clean comedy and audience participation that people go home talking about.

Performances are available in two flavors:  Strolling Magic and my Stand-Up Magic Show.  Or, save money with a combo including both Strolling plus a Stand-Up Show. 

Strolling Magic is close-up magic where Jeff travels from group-to-group entertaining.  It’s almost as though each person gets their own show!  There is a lot of interaction, including magic that happens in the hands of your guests.  

This is HUGELY POPULAR with seniors.  (You're probably familiar with David Blaine and Criss Angel.  This is the style of magic that everyone is talking about.)  And, it can happen in any setting; a restaurant, bowling alley, on a cruise ship, anywhere

Jeff's Stand-Up Magic Show can be enjoyed by everyone at the same time.  My show is very interactive, so graduates are part of the experience.  And, you'll be happy to know that his show is always in good taste with clean comedy.  My show runs about forty minutes and can be adjusted on your schedule and other activities planned. 

Jeff travels with everything that you may need to make the show a success:, including tables, backdrop, portable lights, and sound system.  It's all included, so you don't need to worry about paying extra to rent a sound system or hassle with bringing in your own lights. 


This is an optical illusion and a real magic trick all in one.  Hoquiam High School Class of 2009.

All of Jeff's performances are backed by his money-back satisfaction guarantee. 
Simply put, if for any reason you are less than fully satisfied, you pay what you feel the show is worth.  (But don't worry - no one yet has had to take him up on the offer.) 

Picture this:  dozens of your graduates are all crowded around one point, watching silently with intrigue.  You’ll know you’ve chosen the right entertainment when you see their jaws drop and their faces register disbelief.  A moment later, this same crowd explodes into laughter, turning to each other to see if their friends saw the same thing they did.  


Jeff Evans's magic is a hit at proms and homecoming celebrations for western Washington high schools.

Most of the senior parties take place on one of two prime weekends in June.  Don't wait and miss out!  It's never too early to reserve your date, even if you need a couple of days for the committee to make a decision. 

To learn more and receive rates and availability, call Jeff Evans toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff@amazementproductions.com